Developing Non-Addictive Treatments for Drug & Alcohol Abuse

Providing non-addicting drug products in billion-dollar markets

What we do ?

DemeRx is a clinical stage drug development company advancing two molecules for the treatment of substance use disorders

ibogaine is a lead molecule currently in clinical trials in the UK. The clinical program is funded by a joint venture agreement with atai Life Sciences. atai logo

noribogaine is the active metabolite of ibogaine and is a new chemical entity with robust patents for multiple therapeutic indications. Our current focus is for relapse prevention in alcohol use disorder.

Burden of Addiction on Society

Substance abuse and addiction have grave consequences on our existing social systems

Drug abuse disrupts families, shreds the social fabric in neighborhoods, leads to loss of jobs and income, contributes to poor school and job performance, and is often a causal factor in domestic violence and auto accidents. The consequences of substance abuse for children in society are especially tragic. Addiction is a family disease.

Effective Solutions

Products and Services


Prevent relapse in recently detoxified opioid-dependent patients

DemeRx is currently evaluating patient data which demonstrates that a single dose of ibogaine is sufficient to detoxify opioid-dependent persons and diminish drug cravings for extended time periods.


New chemical entity

Targets multiple transporter and receptor sites in brain relevant to craving, mood and protracted withdrawal symptoms that
trigger relapse

Reduces self-administration of cocaine, nicotine and alcohol in rodent models of addiction

Treatment of alcohol use disorder after detoxification is needed to prevent relapse

DemeRx helps patients with opioid abuse problems

DemeRx is evaluating the safety and pharmacokinetics of ibogaine in normal healthy volunteers and in patients with opioid abuse problems.

ibogaine for opioid use disorder

Advancing clinical phase 2 trial for opioid use disorder to demonstrate relapse prevention. noribogaine will be tested in phase 2 studies for relapse prevention in alcohol use disorder.

Advantages of products

Our drug products may offer better outcomes for patients suffering from alcohol and opioid use disorder, including better treatment retention, decreases in illegal opioid use,  and a decrease in risky behaviors related to HIV and hepatitis C.

Product Candidates

Learn about target product profiles of ibogaine and noribogaine.

Joint Venture

ATAI Announces Joint Venture with DemeRx to Develop ibogaine for Opioid Use Disorder. 


Learn more about our Team, Board of Directors and scientific advisors who are leading the effort to tackle opioid addiction and alcohol abuse.

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Learn about our two leading drug candidates to dominate the $1.9B opioid addiction market and $8.2B alcohol addiction market.

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DemeRx Receives MHRA Approval for DMX-1002 (ibogaine) to Commence Phase 1/2a Study as First Clinical Trial in Opioid Use Disorder in the UK

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11 March, 2021


DemeRx and Atai get MHRA nod to start trial of ibogaine for opioid use disorder

A joint venture between DemeRx and Atai Life Sciences has been cleared by the UK Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA)…

11 March, 2021

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Forging Ahead

Developing ibogaine to treat opioid use disorder

DemeRx IB, Inc. CEO Deborah Mash joined Proactive New York to discuss the group's joint venture with Atai (NASDAQ:ATAI)

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