A 30 Year Journey Towards ibogaine Approval with Dr. Deborah Mash of DemeRx

Today’s episode features Deborah Mash, founder and CEO of DemeRx, a clinical stage company developing ibogaine therapies to treat substance use disorders.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • The science, experience and the safety behind ibogaine’s “neurochemical reset”
  • Navigating US drug regulatory system and securing Intellectual Property
  • Deborah’s 30 journey through Amsterdam, Miami and the Caribbean aiming to get ibogaine therapy approved
  • Partnership with ATAI Life Sciences

Listen to full podcast: https://www.businesstrip.fm/podcast/episode/4b6e8d4b/a-30-year-journey-towards-ibogaine-approval-deborah-mash-ceo-of-demerx