About Us

DemeRx is a clinical stage pharmaceutical development company advancing drug candidates as therapies for addiction.

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Our Products and Services

DemeRx is currently evaluating patient data which demonstrate that a single dose of ibogaine is sufficient to detoxify opioid-dependent persons and diminish drug cravings for extended time periods.

DemeRx is evaluating the safety and pharmacokinetics of ibogaine in normal healthy volunteers and in patients with opioid abuse problems.

DemeRx-IB is advancing ibogaine in clinical trials to demonstrate its use as an effective, non-opioid addiction treatment for withdrawal management and relapse prevention

  • Drug abuse “hijacks” the brain’s reward centers

  • ibogaine “reset” turns on plasticity to heal the addicted brain

  • Rapid management of opioid withdrawal symptoms

  • Lasting effect on behavior to prevent relapse to opioids

Bridging the research to clinical practice gap

Our Goal

We plan to advance ibogaine for opioid withdrawal management and relapse prevention in medically supervised inpatient settings. noribogaine will be developed as a low-dose therapy for patients in early recovery among other indications.


Result Driven

Our drug products may offer better outcomes for patients suffering from alcohol and opioid use disorders, including better treatment retention, decreases in illegal opioid use, and a decrease in risky behaviors related to HIV and hepatitis C.

Key Team

Deborah Mash
Pascal J. Goldschmidt

Key Team

Richard Serbin, Executive Chairman BoD

Global strategy advisor and entrepreneur with credentials both in pharmacy and law, 40 years of service as an FDA regulatory and patent attorney in the healthcare industry.

Deborah Mash, PhD Chief Executive Officer & Founder

Neuroscientist, inventor and entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience in the field of addiction biology and small molecule development.

Michael Karukin PhD, Chief Operating Officer

Twenty years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, clinical trial management, patient registries and FDA REMS monitoring.

Pascal J. Goldschmidt MD, FACC, FAHA, Chief Medical Officer

An accomplished physician (cardiologist), professor, healthcare leader, NIH-funded medical researcher and inventor.

John Thomas CPA, Chief Financial Officer

Decades of experience in senior management in biotech and healthcare fields.